DJR Team Penske Focus on Race Set Up

April 1, 2016

Track: Symmons Plains
Race: Tyrepower Tasmania SuperSprint
Date: April 1st 2016

No. 12 Detroit Ford – Fabian Coulthard
Practice 1 - P 18 - Fastest Lap 52.23
Practice 2 - P 23 - Fastest Lap 52.19    

No. 17 Western Star Trucks Ford – Scott Pye
Practice 1 - P 22 - Fastest Lap 52.42
Practice 2 - P 8 - Fastest Lap 51.62    

Recap Practice 1 and 2: A cool and windy day at Symmons Plains has provided plenty of action in the two one hour Practice sessions today. DJR Team Penske ran a program primarily using the Dunlop Hard tyre compound as the bulk of the field moved to the Soft tyre.

Scott Pye left it until the last 5 minutes of Practice 2 to move to a new set of Soft tyres and was immediately in the Top 10. He would finish the day in 8th in the Western Star Trucks Ford.

Fabian Coulthard used both compounds over the two one hour sessions but spent considerable time in the pit garage as the clock ticked down in the final session. The DJR Team Penske crew were undertaking set up changes which left very little time for Coulthard to set a lap.

Although the Detroit Ford did make the track at the end, time was indeed against him as he did not put in a full flying lap on the new tyre.

Saturday will see a single Qualifying session to set the gird for the first of the 120km race.
Fabian Coulthard Quote: "We split the sessions onto a hard and soft tyre run, but deciding to make a change very late in Practice 2 did not allow us the time to get on track and really have a crack with the new tyre.  

"We are still trying to improve the Detroit Ford every time we go out. Thankfully Scott got a good lap in so we have some data to look at from both cars, but I would have liked to compare apples with apples as we get ready for Qualifying on Saturday."

Scott Pye Quote:  "The car was pretty good. We improved it during the day on the Hard tyre, while the bulk of the field were on the Soft option. I think it is a strategy that will repay us in later rounds.

"We kept a level head as we knew what the program would be with the Western Star Ford. I moved onto the Soft tyre at the end and we bounced up 8th place. I felt we could have been a bit more aggressive but to be in the Top 10 today was a good result."
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