A High Intensity Insurance Policy

April 26, 2021

"Penske Material" provides an inside look at some of the personalities, stories and moments that make Team Penske so unique.

Racing is one of the most technologically advanced sports in the world. The high-tech parts, components, vehicle designs, computers, data and science that are instrumental in motorsports make it unlike any other athletic competition in the world. The NASCAR teams at Team Penske rely on  technology to ensure their cars advance from the race shop to the track to victory lane, but what happens when there’s an issue with the technology and the red flag waves on that process? Enter David Perry. In his own words, Perry describes his role with the team as a “high-intensity insurance policy,” and if anyone on the team experiences any tech challenges while at the track, the Perry policy becomes pretty important.

Team Penske MaterialsPerry, a native of Charlotte, NC, grew up loving computers and he pursued his passion while he earned a degree in Computer Information Systems from Appalachian State University. While in college, Perry got a jump on his career serving as an intern for various technology companies. Just over 10 years ago, Perry got the opportunity to work in the IT department at Team Penske. It seemed to be instant fit. “Ironically there happen to be A LOT of computers in racing,” said Perry. “The ability to really impact the team from a technology standpoint got me into racing 10 years ago and I’m looking forward to at least 10 more!”

The daily challenges of keeping things connected and operating at peak efficiency appeal to Perry and he enjoys the pressure that comes with his role. If things are starting to go sideways during a race weekend, Perry is ready for the challenge of getting it all back on track. “Everything can be going fine then all of the sudden multiple issues happen simultaneously,” said Perry.


Obviously, when things happen like an internet connection being lost due to a cut cable or when team radios won’t work and people can’t communicate, it can be a stressful time. But it’s also when Perry knows he can help make a difference. “Having to diagnose fairly complex issues as fast as possible is an important part of the job,” said Perry. “We have a lot of different services that all connect to form communication/data links. Fixing problems within one lap at Bristol is no easy task. Knowing that I personally made a difference in the outcome of the race makes it all worth it. I can never work in a cubicle again!”

Team Penske MaterialsSo what are Perry’s top memories and cherished moments during his decade of working with Team Penske? “Obviously the two NASCAR Cup Series Championships stand out,” said Perry. But he added the camaraderie between the team members is also a big part of what he loves about his job. Whether it’s going out to eat, team cook outs, playing cards during rain delays or just catching up at the track, being part of the team is what keeps Perry coming back for more.

Team Penske MaterialsEven he’s away from the track, Perry embraces advanced technology. He loves incorporating the latest tech into his home. “Even if my wife can barely work our home,” Perry stated, he enjoys installing the latest in home products and services when they hit the market. Shades, lights and audio, are just some recent examples of the technologies that Perry has added to his house. Perry and his wife also enjoy visiting Appalachian State, where they met, to relive the good old days and reminisce about a time when there was only a little less technology in their lives.



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