Team Penske Welcomes Transitions Optical

June 17, 2011

WEST ALLIS, WI, June 17, 2011 - Transitions Optical, Inc. announced its new sponsorship of Penske Racing's Ryan Briscoe in the IZOD IndyCar Series. Team Penske's No. 6 car was shown in its new livery for the first time at the start of today's practice for the June 19th Milwaukee Mile 225.

"Our adaptive lens technology is a perfect match for the changing light conditions that drivers - and fans - experience during an IndyCar race," said Brian Hauser, general manager, U.S. and Canada, Transitions Optical. "With margins of victory in the tenths of a second, sharp, clear vision can be the difference between a win and second place."

Transitions Optical is the worldwide leader in photochromic technology, developing products which automatically adapt level of darkness as light changes, providing visual comfort and UV protection in all light conditions. The company offers a family of products, including everyday prescription lenses which are designed to be worn indoors and darken outdoors, and prescription and non-prescription performance sun lenses and face shields for outdoor activities.

On the racetrack, the Penske team is currently testing Transitions® SOLFXTM face shields - non-prescription shields that use advanced photochromic technology which automatically shifts in changing light conditions to provide drivers comfort and enhanced visual performance.

Off the track, Briscoe has been introduced to Transitions® XTRActiveTM lenses, everyday prescription lenses which change from a comfortable tint indoors to very dark outdoors, and darken moderately behind the windshield of a car. Briscoe has also "test driven" Drivewear® Transitions® SOLFXTM sun lenses, designed specifically to enhance visual performance while driving. These lenses change color and degree of darkness behind the windshield to help improve contrast and comfort, reduce glare and excess visible light, and optimize the driving experience.

"Already, I've noticed a difference in the quality of my vision when wearing the Transitions SOLFX face shield," said Team Penske driver Helio Castroneves. "The automatically-adjusting shield literally does the work for my eyes - making it easier for me to concentrate on other aspects of my race. It's such innovative technology that I'm excited to try Drivewear® Transitions® SOLFXTM sun lenses off the track as well."

"We've already successfully shown how photochromic technology can be applied to sports like golf and cycling," added Hauser, referencing the company's title sponsorship of the Transitions Championship®, an official PGA TOUR® event and sponsorship of Team Garmin-Cervélo, a professional cycling team. "Improved visual performance can help provide an edge in personal performance."

Dr. Larry Lampert, sports vision expert and optometric consultant to Transitions Optical, has worked extensively with professional athletes from the PGA TOUR, the LPGA, NFL and MLB. "I can tell you that understanding the connection between vision and sports can positively impact your skills and greatly help improve your game," he said. "Thinking about your eyes is especially important when participating in outdoor activities and sports. Adaptive lenses that adjust to changing light conditions outdoors while blocking 100 percent of harmful UV rays help protect the health of your eyes for a lifetime."

About Transitions Optical
As the leading provider of photochromics to optical manufacturers, Transitions Optical, headquartered in Pinellas Park, Fla., offers the most advanced photochromic technology in the widest selection of lens designs and materials. Transitions Optical is driven by innovation to support the advancement of healthy sight and adaptive eyewear, and to providing its partners the tools and programs their businesses need to thrive. Transitions® lenses are the #1-recommended photochromic lenses worldwide.

Transitions Optical's family of products includes everyday lenses, designed to be worn indoors and darken outdoors, and performance lenses, designed to be worn outdoors in place of sun lenses. Transitions everyday lenses adapt to light to provide more comfortable vision while protecting eyes from UV. Transitions performance lenses include the company's sunwear line, Transitions® SOLFXTM sun lenses, which enhance visual performance in specific outdoor activities by adapting to optimize color and darkness in changing light conditions.

For more information, visit or, or contact Transitions Optical Customer Service at (800) 848-1506 (United States