Team Penske eSports NASCAR Pro Invitational Race Report

April 21, 2021

Team Penske eSports NASCAR Pro Invitational Race Report

Track:                  Virtual Talladega Superspeedway
Race:                   GEICO 70 Virtual Race
Date:                   April 21, 2021

No. 2 MoneyLion Ford Mustang – Brad Keselowski

Start: 12th
Finish: 1st – First career Pro Invitational Series Victory
Status: Running
Laps Completed: 70/70

No. 12 Mendards/Sylvania Ford Mustang – Ryan Blaney

Start: 40th
Finish: 15th
Status: Running
Laps Completed: 70/70

No. 22 Autotrader Ford Mustang – Joey Logano

Start: 30th
Finish: 37th
Status: Running
Laps Completed: 70/70


  • Brad Keselowski scored his first career victory in the NASCAR Pro Invitational Series on Wednesday night at the virtual Talladega Superspeedway in the No. 2 MoneyLion Ford Mustang. Keselowski ran at the front of the pack the entire race, grabbing the lead on the final restart and leading the final three laps on his way to the victory.
  • In addition to his victory, Keselowski led the way in qualifying for the team, turning the 12th fastest lap time while Logano and Blaney started 30th and 40th respectively. Keselowski moved into the top-10 early in the race and rode there for the opening half of the event while Blaney and Logano struggled with track position.
  • Green flag pit stops started with 32 laps remaining with Keselowski hitting pit road with the race leaders. Blaney and Logano had both pitted earlier in the race and they remained on the track for a few additional laps before pitting together with 29 laps remaining.
  • After green flag stops were complete, a caution flag was displayed, bunching the field up for the final 22 laps, with Keselowski lining up second, with Blaney and Logano still mired back in the pack. A multi-vehicle incident caused damage on the No. 22 Autotrader Ford Mustang, while the No. 12 Menards/Sylvania Mustang narrowly avoided being swept-up.
  • With 10 laps remaining Logano was involved in a multi-vehicle incident, sending the Autotrader Ford Mustang through the air and into the virtual catchfence, losing a lap while being towed back to the virtual pit road for repairs.
  • Keselowski restarted second on the final restart and grabbed the lead on the final start to pull away for the win in the No. 2 MoneyLion Ford Mustang. Blaney finished in the 15th position with the No. 12 Menards/Sylvania Mustang with Joey Logano the first car one lap down in the No. 22 Autotrader Mustang in 37th position.