Avis Pit Crew Offers Another Challenge To No. 12 Team

June 30, 2009

Avis Pit Crew vs. Penske Racing Pit Crew - Part Two

Get your stopwatch ready - Avis is putting the 2008 Daytona 500 winning pit crew to the test on Avis' turf for the second time this season. That's right - the newly formed Avis Pit Crew has challenged the pros to a friendly competition...and a chance for the No. 12 Penske Pit Crew to get redemption is at hand.

Witness it for yourself!
• WHEN: July 8, 2009 from 3-6 p.m. CT
• WHERE: Avis rental location in the Chicago O'Hare Airport
• ARRIVE EARLY: Just before the challenge, meet driver David Stremme and the Penske Racing

Pit Crew members at the rental counter, return area and curbside.

The Challenge
During competition, Avis Quality Assurance (QA) and Avis Maintenance and Damage (M&D) specialists will team up to take on the No. 12 team. This contest requires fast and accurate handling of typical Avis maintenance activities:

• Clean as many rental cars as possible
• Identify and correct QA items
• Complete a maintenance task - tire changing

Though it's a friendly competition, there's more than bragging rights at stake. The winning team will take home a trophy, while the losing team will have to perform the dreaded "Pit Crew Dance" for those in attendance at Avis on July 8. The Penske team came in a close second place in the first ever Avis Pit Crew Challenge in Charlotte, NC on May 19. Now the No. 12 team is ready for revenge! Stop by and meet the Penske No. 12 Pit Crew and No. 12 driver David Stremme. This will be a fun time for all!

Future Events
Chicago is the second event planned this year. Future locations include Los Angeles and Miami. Check back for more dates and locations.