Snap-on and Penske Racing Build On Powerful Partnership

May 5, 2009

When you watch Roger Penske's race teams working on a car in the pits, chances are they are using Snap-onĀ® tools. For more than 28 years, Snap-on has been a sponsor of Penske Racing, the longest sponsorship association that Snap-on has ever had with a race team. Over that time, the relationship has grown to be much more than just a sponsorship. Penske Racing and Snap-on Tools have formed a mutually beneficial business-to-business association that continues to expand to this day.

"We have had a tremendous relationship with Penske Racing for more than a quarter of a century," said Nick Pinchuk, chairman, president and CEO of Snap-on Incorporated. "Roger Penske and his crews have always made us feel like we are a part of their team. We have benefited in many ways from working with Roger and his race teams over the years. On the track, they use our tools in the most extreme environment. Their feedback helps us continually push our products' performance to the next level. In the service environment, Roger and Snap-on have similar goals - to help make the technician as productive as possible."

For 2009, Snap-on Tools will serve as an associate sponsor of Penske Racing's NASCAR, IndyCar Series and Grand-Am Series teams. Snap-on serves as the official tool of all Penske Racing teams.

"Snap-on Tools has been a terrific partner for Penske Racing over the years," said Roger Penske. "Our race teams pride themselves on preparation and the ability to get the most out of our equipment. With Snap-on tools, our teams know that they are working with the very best to produce winning results."

In the repair shop and on the franchise van, Snap-on leverages its relationship with Penske Racing through its marketing efforts, using driver and car images, as well as driver video testimonials. At the track, Snap-on utilizes Penske drivers and crew chiefs to create a unique customer experience.

"Some of the strongest feedback we receive from our customers and franchisees is how great it is that Snap-on is associated with such a quality organization as Penske Racing," said Tom Ward, president of the Snap-on Tools Group. "They like knowing that Snap-on is part of a winning team, and through personal customer engagement at the track, they feel part of it as well."

Over the years, Snap-on tools have been used on the race cars of such legendary Penske Racing drivers as Rusty Wallace and Rick Mears.

The Penske team uses a wide variety of Snap-on tools on its race cars, in the pits and at the race shop. Everything from ratchets and impacts to the latest advancements in tool storage are used to gain that winning edge on the track.

The Penske-Snap-on relationship has also benefited both parties off the track as well. "One of the things that has been truly valuable for Snap-on is working with a visionary like Roger Penske and his crew chiefs, especially in learning how they operate in both the racing and service environment," said Ward. "Roger was one of the first to believe in a strong and consistent brand look in the service side of his dealerships, as well as in the showroom. Snap-on's line of stationary tool storage systems were customized for that purpose. Since first working with Roger in his service bays, Snap-on's "Build-A-Bay" program has evolved into a leading offering in the industry."

Snap-on engineers its products to provide the greatest and most efficient usable storage space in every configuration, satisfying even the most hi-tech dealership. Build-a-BayTM offers a wide variety of Snap-on tool boxes, benches, and storage units in a broad range of colors and configurations in stationary form. With custom storage solutions that include computer(s), monitor(s), printers, enclosed lift controls, bench mounted or wall mounted overhead storage units and stainless steel work surfaces, the customer is afforded the flexibility to meet any need.

"It's more than brand consistency. Today more than ever, dealerships recognize the need to generate as much revenue as possible out of their service operations," said Ward. "The Build-a-Bay system helps technicians be more organized and efficient, allowing them to diagnose and complete repairs faster."

The Penske-Snap-on relationship has paid dividends both on and off the track for both parties. "Some racing teams see a sponsorship as just money, but the Penske team sees the Snap-on association as a business building opportunity for both Penske and Snap-on," said Pinchuk. "We want to thank the Penske Racing teams for all their support over the last 28 years and we look forward to a successful 2009 and beyond."